Popular for his hard-hitting, dark techno sounds, the Mau5trap mastermind that goes by the name of i_o is seeking to end 2019 with what might just be EP of the year!

Composed by 4 tracks, ACID 444 is the first one of a 3 part album, 444. All of this sounds rather normal until you decide to take a closer look and realize just how much detail has gone into this masterpiece.

A throwback to his roots is what this one is and through these unmistakable Acid sounds, Garret Lockhart (i_o), manages to fuse the old with the new, bringing back the beauty of 303 and uniting it with his characteristic melodies.

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We were wandering the streets in New York when my friend Morgan asked us if we were down to check out one more spot before we hit the subway, assuring us it was “on the way to the station”. We reluctantly agreed, having been out several nights in a row and being in a constant state of jetlag. There are many things I am, but a late night quitter is not fkng one of them. We went a few blocks and stopped in front of a small black door. Illuminated by little more than the street light, you could just make out the numbers “444”. We went in and, through the haze of sweat and cigarette smoke, could make out a modest dj booth bumping out heavy rave tunes to a concrete dance floor. ⁣ ⁣ i don’t know what it was specifically, whether the dense smell of sweat and smoke, the relentless dance floor tempo, or the giant smiley face painted on the ceiling, but something about this room brought me back to my core. This is the type of place that first turned me into something more than myself years ago. this is the place i_o was born. This is the place that creates and shapes all of us. The dark rooms and the strangers, the friends and the memories. Some are here because they need a break from their lives, some are here because they know the dj, some are here because they have nowhere else to go. We are all here to bring a piece of ourselves into the dark.⁣ ⁣ I introduce to you project 444. A three-part series exploring the core of i_o. ⁣ ⁣ We begin with the beginning. A sound coined by Marshall Jefferson and the Chicago house scene—the 303. Better known as ACID.⁣ ⁣ This is 444. This is i_o. I am now in control.

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This upcoming album will serve to tell the story of i_o and take you on a journey through his influences and early beginnings. On one of his latest posts on Instagram, he explained exactly how this all came to existence.

So, are you ready to go all the way back to the 303, and go mental to the sounds of i_o‘s brand-new, ACID 444?

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