The very talented Hatom is one of those producers that definitely pushes the boundaries of Hardstyle, and Hard Dance in general, and this is another EP for the books as it explores uncharted territory in this genre!

Once again the artist returns to The Funky Cat label for an astonishing piece of work.

The EP starts off with the title track, Out Of Time. This one doesn’t really resemble anything we’ve seen recently. The intro sounds like a constant build up, with tribal vibes and an “off beat” kick and bass that’s very impacting. Suddenly the track breaks down and we’re greeted with vocals that should be reasonably well known to anyone that’s been in the harder styles for long enough (they were used on The Vision’s Place Of Power). The track then drops to something that resembles more closely the usual Hardstyle we listen to, but keeping the underground tribal vibes, which is rather unique!

Aw Yeah has a more upbeat vibe than the last track and just drops to (almost) full power right at the start. This is the track you want if you need to get a party or a dancefloor going. We switch from a tribal vibe to a somewhat rock vibe given the vocal samples and the guitar. Then the climax comes and this kick and bass combo just obliterates any sound system in existence. Very impacting and pleasing to the ears. The vocals were very well treated throughout the whole track.

We proceed with Underground, described by the label as having an “intense rave” feeling. We very much agree with this, not only for the evident rave and acid sounds in the break, but for the track as a whole. This is another upbeat and energetic track to wake up the audience with a very well made bassline that experiences interesting variations as we progress through the track. The final climax and the outro will please many people – it drops somewhat out of the blue, which I personally love, to a really heavy kick.

And what would be such a high energy EP without a bit of Hardcore? Maybe that’s what the man himself thought, so he did Orbital Warship, a very solid piece of Hardcore beats, with a touch of some broken beats, which will probably appeal to fans of the more Industrial side of things, or to Crossbreed fans. Mid way through we have a touch of Early Hardcore which definitely suits the overall roughness of the track. However we wonder why the track title – the track is great, with punchy kicks, but not fitting of a sci-fi space scene like the title suggests.

Boundaries have been pushed on this EP, and that’s very welcome, diversity and experimentation is what’s desirable on a musical genre that wants to survive and prosper. This is the result of the evolution of Hardstyle. If this is a glimpse of future productions, both Hatom and the harder styles are on a great path!

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