Chester Cat just appeared out of thin air, dropped a random track on Gareth Emery’s Garuda, and holy hell is it good.

This is usually the point in the article where we do a brief introduction to the artist behind the track. Well, I can’t do that today. Sort of. At surface level, Chester Cat just appeared out of nothing: socials almost inexistent or with barely any followers, and little to no information. BUT, if one digs a bit you can find the true man behind the metaphorical mask, Jordan Suckley.

The Liverpool native has been around the industry for years, composing, remixing and making tracks under his own name, and is by now a well-regarded figure in the world of trance music sporting collabs with Ben Nicky, trance God Paul Van Dyk and Ferry Corsten. Jordan has made quite the name for himself, gathering thousands of plays on Spotify. But being stuck to the “same” type of sound is both a blessing and a curse. Enter Chester Cat into the picture.

The DJ/Producer announced his new alias to the world on social media, claiming it would be focused toward a more tech and progressive type of sound, instead of old school trance. And judging on his first effort as Chester Cat, things sure look promising.

The track starts out with a massive kick, quickly followed by gritty synths and techno-inspired percussion. Around the minute mark, we’re fully greeted by an industrial beat, belonging to a sketchy abandoned warehouse rave in the middle of nowhere, with the breakdown recycling some of the melodies and turning the grittiness to 100 with chunky synths. After a beautifully climactic transition, the second drop just sweeps any remaining doubt that this is a sure fire banger, keeping a thumping rumbling bass all throughout the 3:37 minutes of the track.

Despite being just the first outing as Chester Cat, Jordan’s new alias is very promising. Give him some support and check out the track down below.

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