It’s time to unleash your aggression! Sickmode aka ex-Malice is responsible for this year’s Supression anthem and what a thunderous anthem it is!

Today, around 9am, Gearbox Digital’s YouTube channel has released the expected anthem of Xtra Raw fans, “Unleash Your Aggression“.

As we said in previous articles, Sickmode would show us something special in the near future and is starting to do damage with this anthem, quite appealing to fans’ ears with his fresh ideas. Speaking a little more about Sickmode, he already has a lot of new tracks coming out, can we expect an album from this star? We have to wait to know. If you’re interested in knowing a little more about him, you have this article and this one to read.

Supression XTRA RAW, as the name implies, is an event dedicated solely to Xtra Raw Hardstyle. This event will take place on December 7th of this year and it has a very appetizing line-up, check it out:

It’s been a dream year for this Hardstyle sub-genre as a number of top-quality producers’ albums, several top-quality solos and collabs have been released. Not only in terms of releases but in shows as we see more people filling the stage at the Xtra Raw hour.

There are still a few tickets left for the event and if you are interested in buying, just go to the Suppression website.

If you’re going, don’t forget to do the famous “Klaplongen”!

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