Considered by many as the “goddess” of Hardcore music, Miss K8, has recently announced a brand new EP for Masters of Hardcore. After a challenging year on a personal view due to her little baby’s birth, the DJ/producer seems to be making a statement by not stopping at all and keep bringing new stuff to her loved fans, something that justifies her presence as the number #69 in the top 100 and number #6 in the djane mag.

After releasing “Impact EP” and “Up in Smoke” earlier in this year, the artist decided now to deliver a third pack of two sounds and, following the idea of  the second one, it includes a fresh tune and the remix of a classic of hers. “Elevate” is both the name chosen for the new track, wich is a collab of Miss K8 with one of the most iconic voices of the Harder genres, MC Nolz.

The second part of this EP is composed by the remix of “Battlefield”, made by The Satan, a name that is no longer unfamiliar to anyone inside the Hardcore scene. The man is having a quite active year, with the release of two EP’s and by making collabs with artists that go from Uptempo to mainstream.

On a first listening of “Elevate”, you get in touch with a heavy mainstream Hardcore beat that may awake you and increase you heart beat rate, which is great for starting the second part with The Satan’s remix, a track that is as hard as you would expect and that doesn’t leave any disappointments when it comes to crossbreed percussion techniques.

Take a listen down here:

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