25 year old Madeon just hosted a AMA on the r/electronicmusic subreddit, as a celebration for his brand new album “Good Faith”.

The Frenchman doesn’t require any info whatsoever. A rule of thumb in dance music is usually “everyone loves Madeon”. And this has rung true in most scenarios, with the Nantes native ascending to the top of the dance music world.

A lot has changed since the innocent young lad who uploaded a mashup Launchpad video that became viral on Youtube, Madeon’s first sign of greatness. Since then, Madeon experienced an astronomical rise to fame: from his debut single “Icarus” – which is still a fan favorite today – to his first album “Adventure”, to what is arguably his best hit to this day: “Shelter”, his collab with Porter Robinson, a track that has inspired hundreds of remixes and covers.

Madeon is now a smash hit machine, but one that has always remained loyal and true to himself and his fans, sharing the love and using his talents to the best of his abilities. Many have tried to copy his style, but none have managed to do it so far. And to put this claim to the test, he just released his sophomore album “Good Faith”, and what better way to celebrate it than a Reddit AMA?

The fans were avid for a taste of Hugo’s perspective and he definitely didn’t disappoint, talking tech, inspiration for “Good Faith”, videogames, and many more. He spoke of his “return” to the stages after a small “hiatus” of sorts, claiming “I feel vindicated and grateful. It’s a real privilege to have the chance to take the time you need.” Hugo also raised the curtain on the thought process behind “Miracle”, saying he “redid the production from scratch over a dozen times”, but that in the end, it was Porter Robinson who decided the final version.

All this and many more in a fascinating yet wholesome AMA, his fans really went all out so check it out. Down below you’ll also find Madeon’s new album, a musical journey for any and all fans of dance music.

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