A long time wait has finally come to an end, the dutch DJ/Producer Vandal!sm has just released his first album “A Way Of Life”, a name that clearly reflects what Hardcore music really means to this artist, who met this genre at the young age of 3.

The album was released under the BKJN Music label and counts with 13 tracks, that combined give you a total of 60 minutes of pure violence. Among these 13 fast and heavy tunes, you will find 7 solos (being one of them a 2019 remix of “Stronger”), 4 collabs with The Vizitor, Spitnoise, the duo of DJ’s FrenchFaces and even with Sedutchion, responsible for the vocals. There are also 2 remixes, one of “Gangbang” from Trespassed and one of “Look Like A Bitch” from Hard Effectz.

Taking in consideration the number of different hands that had the opportunity to give a touch to this album, you might suspect the diversity level of it, once you will find strongly distorted kicks, high pitched kicks and even gated kicks. Add to this some interesting synths that may remind you a feeling of the gabber style and some vocals sampled from the lines of some iconic movies, which always gives it something extra.

At the moment you will only be able to find the album at the Hardtunes.com store and at soundcloud.com, although it will be available on other audio streaming platforms soon.

Listen to it down here and, if you enjoy it, keep in mind that Vandal!sm has already confirmed the release of a new album in 2020.

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