The American duo Tritonal release their latest theme with Henry Dark using their most progressive style and mixing with trance. Curious?

Talking about Tritonal, it comes to our head “Colors“, a big hit released in 2014 that launched the duo to success. After 5 years we are in 2019 and the same ones that released this great hit come back to surprise and this time bring Henry Dark to release Shivohum, a production described as “an ethereal progressive trance track”.

This song is extremely well “built” with a Tritonal-written Hindi lyrics, embodying the power and spirituality of meditation with a very energetic and lively production as is normal for them. One of Tritonal’s members, Chad Cisneros, talks about what was the inspiration for a song like this: “Mantra and meditation have become cornerstones on which a new spiritual paradigm has taken form in my life. I wanted to point towards the inner stillness I feel during mediation in a track, and Sanskrit was a great tool for this. Shout out to my Indian manager Amit for the guidance!”

Talking more about Henry Dark is an Australian DJ/producer with releases on Armada Musica and Enhanced Music, with the support of Armin Van Buuren, W&W, Nicky Romero and MaRLo. Regarding the style of this Australian, progressive house and progressive trance is what characterizes him and his productions containing various elements of electro to complement.

Listen below the new single of Tritonal and Henry Dark:

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