A massive hard music event is about to start in the german soil with a heavy load of artists. Having the same organizers as the Syndicate event, Toxicator celebrates 10 years of existence and will officially open its gates on December the 7th at Maimarkthalle, Mannheim. The full line up is already known and it is fair to say that it fills all the needs of those who are into the harder genres. Here you can find a little of Hardstyle and its variants, Hardcore, Frenchcore, Uptempo and even Hard Techno.

You can check in detail the full line up here and get your tickets here.

For every big event, an anthem is called and therefore an artist is thoroughly selected to create it. Having in mind that this is an event based in Germany, there couldn’t be a better name to aim at than mister Thorax.

V!rus is the anthem’s name and it seems like it has also been carefully picked by Thorax, but more importante than that, it was cautiously designed. As it is usual to Thorax’s tracks, you’ll get to listen to a seriously dark environment, complemented with a low pitch voice and, of course, an intense and bassy Hardcore kick. Furthermore, the combination of synths with more acoustic sounds gives it an interesting touch.

Listen it down here:

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