After playing the track at Defqon.1 and receiving a lot of positive feedback from the crowd, Ran-D and Psyko Punkz are finally releasing their latest collaboration! Ran-D is on a roll, as he’s finally announced his We Rule The Night album too!

This track seems to have a bit of history. It is based on an unreleased Psyko Punkz track from back in 2009 that you can listen here around the 18 minute mark, and samples vocals from a rock song by K’s Choice with the same name, from back in 1995.

It starts with very sentimental vocal samples and then we’re led to a build up with claps that do a good job of getting everyone in the mood. When the lead melody opens up, it is just amazing: it pierces through the airwaves and fills in the speakers without being too overwhelming. Just before the drop we have a breakbeat that prepares the listener for the astonishing climax that has the usual and impactful Ran-D kick and bass. The second climax somewhat repeats the recipe from the first one, adding the vocals from the start, giving the listener a feel that everything just “clicks together” to finish the track in big style!

We’re seeing here both artists complement each other with their own specialty and these are two very distinct styles that we usually don’t see fused together, but that resulted very well in this track. After Run From Reality, we’re sure that Ran-D has two top 10 worthy tracks this year, and Psyko Punkz can surely be proud of what’s probably one of the best collaborations he’s put his heart into!

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