The Los Angeles-born DJ and producer, UZ, is one of the founders and pioneers of the modern trap that has been gaining more fans over the years.

Right after the release of the aptly named “Fire,” UZ shares another track from his forthcoming album titled “I Can” featuring Cleveland rapper Twnty8.

Also about the album, the artist already released “Fire“, “Bang Bang“, “Awakening” ft Hucci, and “I Can” becomes the 4th theme that will be part of the it, thus creating a great expectation for the album leaving the fans very curious of what may come.

It was through Soundcloud that UZ made himself known to the world through the famous project “Trap Shit”, a vast set of songs, which today are considered true classics. As mentioned earlier, 4 songs have been unveiled, including the new hit, which will be part of the upcoming album in which UZ will combine the influences on old-school hip-hop with Trap’s new style. An album that promises a lot of dedication from the American Dj that will reinvent itself and show new melodies and collaborations with more rappers and vocalists.

Listen below the new music of UZ:

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