Scantraxx announced earlier today through their social media that they’ll have Requiem joining their family.

The artists thus enters a new phase in his career, and we’ll have his first release, Now Is The Time, out next week!

Requiem is a more or less known name within the harder styles. He started releasing back in 2014 at the prestigious Fusion label and he’s made amazing tracks along the way, such as I.A.B. (I Am Back), Ain’t Changin Me with D-Sturb, Collateral Damage and even Sweet Dreams with The Pitcher, to name a few. He already had bookings for many of the major festivals, and very recently he had a huge highlight, when presenting his live act at Qapital.

Last year, this artist released a single on Unleashed, and a collaboration with Sub Sonik on WE R RAW. This year he first released on Q-dance and then a collaboration with Retrospect on Scantraxx, which got us wondering back then if Requiem would be switching labels. This is effectively the case, and while we’re happy that this artist has a bigger platform on where to release his work and wish him only the best, just as he deserves, it makes us wonder… What’s it going to be of Fusion, given that most of their big artists have left at this point?

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