Bulgarian DJ and producer KiNK is launching a new label with the name of his hometown. Sofia will be directed in partnership with her colleague Konstantin Petrov. According to Resident Advisor, the label’s goal is to celebrate the city’s aesthetic dualities, and each release will feature photographs of DJ Valentine, who is also from the Bulgarian capital.

The artist’s own EP Home will be the label’s first release and is scheduled for November 8th. It will feature four tracks (five in digital), one with singer Rachel Row. The following tracks will be several remixes by leading artists such as Krystal Klear and The Chemical Brothers.

This year KiNK has been very productive in launching: besides Home, he has already released the Piano Power EP (which has one track with the collaboration of Rachel Row’s voice) and remixes from Hot Chip’s Hungry Child and Bawrut’s Pronto Arpeggio tracks.

Home is available for pre-sale on Bandcamp (digital + vinyl), entitled to one of the tracks, “The Grid (Prototype Version)” (available only in digital version), released for streaming. Check it out!


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