Hardstyle mastermind The Machine is back releasing on Rough Recruits and he’s definitely going against the storm of “run of the mill” Hardstyle tracks that we sometimes see, making something unique!

Against The Storm kicks off with acid inspired sounds and straight off to an insane build up, leading into an anti-climatic mid intro experiencing really good kick and bass variations. The climax follows the same anti-climatic recipe, but treats us to punchy kicks, insane bass and a very well made screech that just pierces through your brain! The “whoop!” vocal effect just before the drop is rather distinctive and makes the track quite unique. The vocals and the lyrics fit the overall theme and go hand in hand with the track title.

Yet another banger from a producer that’s extremely experienced and has been on the scene for a long time. And he’s been on a roll with exceptionally great tracks as of lately as he recently released the epic Laserbeams together with Alphaverb. Sometimes we wonder why exactly he’s releasing on a “Recruits” label given his experience. You can’t really go wrong with tracks like this, and in what concerns me, this one immediately became one of my favorite tracks from this producer, so hopefully you’ll like it as well!

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