It appears the Heart For Hard has expanded with a new member that will release on their Indus3 sublabel. The guy we’re talking about seems to be a new one, named Avian!

Not much is known from this artist, but given his introductory video, it sounds promising! His Facebook page is pretty much empty thus far, but I’d give him a follow, regardless, as from what we can gather he’ll be, of course, focusing on the rougher edge of Hardstyle, but will also have a bit of a melodic twist here and there, which is very much welcome after the huge gap we’ve seen for years between the rougher and the more melodic Hardstyle.

For those who know this label well, you know more or less what to expect. Heart For Hard is home to established artists such as Regain (who recently released his Out Of Bounds album there), Udex and Neroz. The Indus3 sublabel focuses on sounds that are a bit more experimental, so we say… Let Avian experiment and show us what he’s got! Stay tuned for more from this guy…

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