After a splendid night at the label Gearbox Digital’s 10th birthday party, Sickmode aka former Malice performed for the first time alone and let’s say he has bombs to drop, you’re not ready.

Many fans have been sad about the breakup of Malice but, once again, we don’t have to be sad about the breakup, click here to find out why. Davide continues Malice alone and at Gearbox’s party he first played some new tracks that left the crowd raving, so you don’t have to worry about the “Malice quality” because it will be the same, legendary as always. And Sickmode had the opportunity to prove himself by showing off his production skills and show the public and Xtra Raw fans what he’s capable of.

The Xtra Raw scene is growing bigger and gaining more fans every day, Sickmode will also be responsible for bringing more people into the scene and pleasing the ones who have been in it for years. With that, we made it clear to start following Sickmode in his new career and keep an eye out for his releases because after the Gearbox party, the fans asked immediately when some of his tracks will be released. Down below you can hear some of his tracks that the fans recorded:

Will people continue to miss the Malice together? Do you think it was a good option for him to start a new career? Let us know!

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