After releasing the well received Sabotage album, Act Of Rage comes out with a follow up that doesn’t disappoint. As the name suggests, this one’s truly Outrageous… Without further ado, here are our thoughts on it!

Outrageous ft. Tha Watcher – Let’s start this review with a very melodic track that makes us shiver. Great climax at the beginning of the track with the magnificent voice of MC Tha Watcher, “RAGE!”. The last drop left us completely unresponsive with a very sharp melody and powerful kicks.

Raveline – We’ve talked a lot about this magnificent track that was first played on Reverze and was the first track out of the album.

Sun Go Down – Everyone has their most sentimental side and Act of Rage has dropped everything he felt in this track! “Don’t let the sun go down!”, In our opinion this track was one of the improvements he has ever made on his own when it comes to sentimental tracks within Raw Hardstyle with a heartbreaking melody.

Till Sunrise w/ Digital Punk & Snowflake – This was one of the most anticipated tracks on the album for being so good. The melody and vocals of this track are brilliant not to mention the magnificent kicks this track contains. Digital Punk is well known for making melodies that stay long in the mind and this is one of them. A collaboration that deserves much recognition.

My Music – This one samples two very well known vocals and drops straight out of the blue to heavy kicks and an air piercing screech. The second climax is more melodic and will surely get any dancefloor moving. The breakbeat part towards the start of track is another distinctive element that makes this one quite interesting.

Day For Night w / Killshot – This was one of the first tracks that came out of the album. With Killshot’s quite powerful kicks and passionate melody from Act of Rage, this collaboration was a success. This track has been played by a lot of DJs on many sets. When you hear this magnificent track you will understand why.

Can’t Take This – OMG! It was my reaction to this track when we first heard it. Have you heard this tune well? My God, Act of Rage takes the cup right away. It is not only the melody that looks fabulous as these very powerful kicks that we were not expecting at all, as it left a lot of his comfort zone and got a great result. The climax of this range is the icing on the cake.

Like That w/ Radical Redemption – “YOU DON’T KNOW ME LIKE THAT!”. Another thunderous collaboration of these two. So many shivers! Another melodic track but this time a bit darker with some fantastic kicks that really match the melody itself.

The Infamous (Rooler Remix) – There’s room for Xtra Raw on this album and Rooler showed what he’s capable of and what a remix! The great Rooler will also release an album this year and we can’t wait to hear it. We recommend you turn up the volume and listen well to the first drop of the track, SHOW ME YOUR BASS FACE!

Till We Die – What a monstrous track! Can we increase BPMs? Even with high BPMs, Act of Rage shows that his track quality also increases. The second drop was unexpected and we congratulate Act of Rage for this!

Kicks Van Staal w/ Never Surrender – Act of Rage showcases his Hardcore skills and together with Never Surrender they create a track far out of their comfort zone and I can say a very funny track as they seem to be fighting to decide who has the best kicks. Good fight, my dears!

Mean Machine (Destroy Edit) – We already know this anthem well and as it was a huge success, Act of Rage decided to give fans a gift and make an edit. Hardcore on the way!

You can find the album just below. Turn up the volume and enjoy the ride!

[REVIEW] Act of Rage presents us a truly 'Outrageous' album!
Favorite Tracks
  • Like That
  • Can't Take This
  • Till Sunrise
Least Favorite Tracks
  • My Music
7.7Overall Score

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