In the fourth edition of Halloween Lisbon Festival, LX Music confirmed this week that Kevin Saunderson is the main act for the event, which will take place at Pavilhão Carlos Lopes on 31 October, between 22 pm and 8 am of 1st November. Adriana Lopez, Drumcell e Sigha are the other international guests, while Himan, Enkō, Schuro, Qwëzall, Xminder, Van Der and Sathurnus will represent the Portuguese DJs community.

Kevin Saunderson is one of the pioneers of Detroit techno. Before he started a solo career, he was part of the Inner City band, which performed last summer in Porto at Elétrico Festival, in a tour to present its new works. Between “Big Fun”, “Good Life”, debut album Paradise and a number of follow-up singles, Inner City (Saunderson and vocalist Paris Grey) amassed 12 UK top 40 hits and over six million records sold worldwide during their peak. As solo act, Sauderson’s style has several influences of Chicago’s house, with joyful female vocals, pianos and a soft beat. And of course, Saunderson has a stacked international touring schedule over the decades, playing in nearly every country and at nearly every festival or club worth mention, he has not stopped pushing the feeling of house and techno on and on. In Portugal it will be his fourth time, after playing at Industria, Brucnh Electronik Lisboa and Plano B. After the set in the Halloween party, the Detroit-based will pass through Baixa Clubbing in Porto on 9 November.

The first phase of ticket sales has already begun here.

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