Wonder duo DROELOE have a new EP out! A Promise Is Made, and they most certainly delivered on this one! So get your headphones ready, and experience this amazing trip through 10 absolute masterpieces from these guys.

Recently they’ve hit the news due to a few mysterious posts from them on social media. Fans thought they’d be splitting, but that’s not exactly the case. They’ll just “divide and conquer”, with each member focusing on what they do best, one for the music and another one for the visuals. Given this EP, this strategy is most certainly paying off for them!

At first listen you’ll realize that despite not being directly related, these tracks flow together rather well, and listening it from start to finish in the intended order is a true pleasure. There are a few tracks there that fans already know well, such as Grind & Hustle, Broken Bricks and Virtual Friends, but this EP is mostly about new material in the unique style you’re used to from these artists. There are a few tracks here that you’ll certainly replay many times over, such as Written Maze and Push Through, and there are also tracks that stand out for their originality such as World Full of Snakes.

Yet another magnificent release from bitbird, their crew never ceases to impress! Enjoy and play it loud.

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