Malice, the Italian duo, recently announced that they would split up.

In a recent documentary about their career history at Gearbox and in person, they explained what they felt and the obstacles they had to overcome to get to the level they are

Very soon they will perform for the last time together at Gearbox’s 10th birthday party, click here to find out more.

Malice with their fantastic ideas got Hardstyle’s sub-genre Xtra Raw to come up amazingly, you have to accept that they were responsible for Hardstyle having very high-quality sub-genres. They managed to produce in order to obtain a unique sound, massive respect for these two, thanks for the story created.

It has not yet been revealed why they will split up, but don’t be sad because they won’t end. Davide will continue being Malice alone and Aleandro will start a new career as Sickmode (if you read “Sickomode” Travis Scott will be proud of you). If you look at the Supression line-up, there is a name no one had seen, but now everyone knows who it is.

Once again, there is no reason to be sad, Malice will continue to produce very good tracks and Sickmode will show its worth on its own.

If you want to see their last show together, Gearbox’s 10th birthday party awaits you.

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