This young producer is a gift that keeps on giving and to celebrate his own birthday, what’s better than giving his fans a present?

After reinterpreting Children of Today, it was time for the artist to take on another challenge, this time with Till I See You Again from Unsecret ft. The Powder Room. The soothing downtempo orchestral and dreamy original gains another life under Louis’s hands, who turned it into material worthy of your “Euphoric Hardstyle” playlist.

The first part kicks off similarly to the original track, with the vocal and piano parts treated to suit the increased tempo of the bootleg. The riser prepares the listener for what’s coming, teasing the melody and leading to the energy explosion that comes with the climax. We are then treated to another calm part, that helps keeps thing balanced, and on the second climax we see a variation of the lead melody, which doesn’t seem to be as catchy as the first one, but avoids making the track repetitive, which is a big plus.

Can’t get enough of this young producer? Check out the set he made together with Sly-R for our Imminent Radioshow here, which is a re-run of one of the biggest performances of his career at Dancefloor this year!

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