The Satan has been getting a full year, with the release of two EP’s as well as single tracks, which include some interesting collabs, fans can’t complain much about the man behind the most evil mask standing behind the decks.

After the big news about this wicked mind artist getting signed by Most Wanted DJ to get booked all around the globe, The Satan wasn’t allowed to take any breaks and, apparently, he managed it out in the best way by releasing another astonishing beat, this time, at the biggest label of the Hardcore genre, also known as Masters of Hardcore.

The unique Kicks, that have both a side of Industrial Hardcore and Mainstream Hardcore, with a stereo mix that make people go crazy about it, are also there. Demolition begins with some well combined percussion elements, such as snares and cymbals, that can’t fool no one, the presence of crossbreed influence is quite evident in all of his tracks and this isn’t a different one.

You’ll get to hear some nasty kicks from industrial to some high pitched ones and, also, to some dark vocals and synths. Missing this one would be a terrible mistake for those who think of themselves as ‘Hardheads’.

Keep in mind that 2019 is not over for The Satan already, for he has an EP due to be released this very week on a Vinyl.

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