The Danish / Norwegian duo Pegboard Nerds have released an EP again and this time they bring 4 very good songs with 2 special guests.

They are one of the most “recent” duos in the world of electronic music but it is with great merit that they have achieved several goals and stability in their career and a very important fan base, we are talking about Pegboard Nerds that make known their most recent EP “Heart Of The Universe“.

Speaking more about this EP, we start well with a collaboration with the sisters Nervo who present “Crying Shame“, a theme that conveys good energy, with a soft yet energetic melody that makes anyone dance. Then we move on to the next theme and here we realize that Dubstep is very much alive in this EP of the duo that presents “Computa Hakka” in collaboration with the duo Ragga Twins. A song that headbangers will surely appreciate and that’s how both duos have gained success. Maria Lynn is the one who gives voice to the song “Solo” which is identical to the music made with the Nervo, with a slower but very good vibe. To finish we have a track made solely by Pegboard Nerds and here we raise the bar again and Dubstep reigns and show what this duo can do, being born “Exterminate“.

Are you curious? You can hear the new Pegboard Nerds EP below:

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