The next name we bring out for our Spotlight series might be new for some people, but as soon as you get to know his musical work, you’ll be addicted and will immediately turn into a fan. That’s right, this is Spencer Brown.

As you can easily tell, Spencer Bruno saw his childhood take place in the United States, in the state of San Francisco and he’s always been around music and music has always been around him. Love for music isn’t something you can explain and the best way Spencer knew how to share it was by playing his own.

Having learnt multiple instruments, drumming was his main focus and that led him to start producing in the hip hop area and he started realizing what the producing world could bring him and how he could show off his musical creativity through the simple process of production. We found a track from 2011 produced by someone called Spencer Brown and if this guy is the same one that we’re talking about here, what a journey he’s made:

This song was a part of Trace Blam & Spencer Brown’s “The Homework Project” and even though there’s no easy access to it on the internet, having in mind how New Day sounds, Spencer started developing his skills pretty soon, even before he turned 18. Trace Blam continued releasing tracks and even though we aren’t certain if Spencer still produced for him, later in 2012 this came out:

These Hip Hop influences, made him turn into the dubstep sounding via, and the multiple local Dallas shows made him understand he wanted to try it out. He then started his career under the Drumstep movement. Releasing tracks under the Spenca alias, Spencer combined his drumming roots with new electronic production skills and in 2012 started dropping some dubstep/drumstep (as mentioned).

By the time he turned 17, he had had support from some big names such as Rusko, Bassnectar, Kill The Noise and Datsik, being many of these his biggest idols at the time. Spencer (well, Spenca) even saw his collaboration with AFK being released under Datsik’s label Firepower, back in 2013:

We could link you with dozens of Spenca’s tracks, but if you look it up, you’ll find plenty of them and plenty of AFK and Spencer collaborations!

In the meantime, Spencer started enjoying more and more House Music. He then started producing it and his first release was his own vision of the track ‘Superstition’ by Stevie Wonder. His bootleg had some impact on the industry, people loved it and it caught the attention of someone that would change his life forever. In fact, who better to help you launch your career than the manager/visionary Ash Pournouri? You probably don’t who this guys is, but he brought Avicii to the level he was when he unfortunately passed away. From that moment on, Spencer’s career just exploded and he accomplished what every starting producer wants: success.

In fact, after Ash noticed what Spencer was doing with his sounds, they pushed forward and brought to life what was missing in the dance music scene at the time: a true and powerful feeling of progressive house, that combined melodies with a super high energy attached. Their goal was to escape the ultra saturated sounds that were a part of the Beatport top 10 and during a Eric Prydz performance in Dallas he realized that he wanted to do something that would set him apart from everyone else by using sounds never heard before in the music industry,

He made his live debut at Avicii’s 2013 Hollywood Bowl show and after that he got invited to multiple shows at Avicii’s True Tour across North America. Some say that you’re nothing without your brain and Spencer managed to complete his Electrical & Computer Engineering degree at Duke University, where he graduated with distinction later in 2016 after publishing a 47-page thesis on omnidirectional loudspeakers, which is quite brilliant having in mind the amount of shows he was playing and the music he was producing. The key here is to keep on working hard and follow your dreams.

Later on, Spencer brought out his BIG release. His House production skills were all on point and he gathered two tracks he thought deserved better recognition and put them on his Chalice EP that came out on Avicii’s label LE7ELS. This one came out early in 2014 and as you can tell, this was refreshing having in mind the big room sounds and drops that were constantly coming out back then and that was what caught Avicii’s and his team’s attention. These two tracks were the first ones that truly represented what the brand ‘Spencer Brown’ was and what it turned out to be.

As you can imagine, this release opened as many doors as Spencer would have dreamt and after a couple of years, he signed under the eyes of Anjunabeats’ bosses, Above & Beyond and he is currently one of their prodigy boys. In 2016, he dropped his first release at the label: Wannamaker, which got remixed by Fatum as well.

With over 10 years of DJ under his belt, his live performance brilliance made him gather one of the most loyal fan bases an artist can ask for. Bringing out sets with almost 100% of his own original material, people would always ask ‘God, whose track is this?’. Well, if you ever get the chance to see Spencer perform live, it will most likely be his own track.

The ‘little soon to become big boy’ continued on releasing original records, remixes and EPs under the Group Therapy masters’ label and in 2018 he finally dropped his debut solo album, Illusion Of Perfection. Many consider this one to be one of the best albums to have come out that year and if you take a listen at it, you’ll probably get the same feeling. Melodies, fresh beats and a fluency and continuity throughout the whole thing like you never heard before.

He got his spot at Anjuna really well marked and this set at #ABGT300 will make you understand why this guy deserves all the success he’s having:

This year, 2019, he’s already released an original track, a remix and an EP and he seems to be preparing a whole new album, so do yourself a favor and keep an eye out on this guy. Just wait and see how big he will become in the next few years.

This is it for this edition of our Spotlight series and make sure to stay tuned to find out who the next spotlighted artist will be.

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