A new album by the truly Master of Hardcore, Angerfist, was expected after only a few months since Creed of Chaos was released, due to the tease made by the man himself in an interview, where he said that a whole bunch of new tracks would come out this year, 2019. After such statement, it was just a matter of time to be announced the official release and so it happened this very summer.

Diabolic Dice is the name of the most recent mistery box created by the number one Hardcore DJ/Producer and, also, the name of his seventh disclosure event. After launching in 2014 The Deadfaced Dimension, Raise & Revolt in 2015 and Creed of Chaos in 2017, it is now time for the fourth Angerfist’s own event.

2019 has been a heavily scheduled one, with shows every week and a substantial amount of fresh tracks being dropped out over the year including an EP of remixes, although, the expectations by his fans won’t be any less than they were for his last six albums or four events and, to manage it out, a massive line-up will be there for them:

Angerfist | Miss K8 | Dr. Peacock live | Mad Dog live | N-Vitral live | Deadly Guns | Denekamps Gespuis | F. Noize | D-Fence | Tha Playah live | The Satan | Nosferatu | Andy the Core | Crucifier | Tha Watcher

Mainstream Hardcore, Frenchcore and even Uptempo Hardcore will be provided to Diabolic Dice’s attendees at the AFAS Live in Amsterdam on 23rd of November from 22:00 to 7:00.

Here you can buy your tickets and get more detailed info.

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