After being played on sets this summer (such as on Deetox’s set at Defqon.1) and teased on Digital Punk’s Unleashed podcast, Crystal Mad releases one of his most awaited tracks! This one’s a message to the haters: they can all F#CK OFF!

Before pressing play, please do note that if you’re sitting, you’ll want to stand and dance your ass off because this is one impressive banger with an insane amount of energy!

The track starts right away with very well treated vocals taken from an angry person’s speech, with distinct vocal chops, giving the track a rather aggressive tone from the get go. The track then drops after the vocals sampled ask the audience to “politely fuck off”. Then there’s a plethora of kick and bass variations experimented in this first part of the track, all of them extremely punchy, and with a few screeches topping it off and giving the track that extra bit of warmth. The track then breaks to another vocal part, followed by an addicting melody. We then get a riser ramping up for yet another drop, using similar vocal chops to what we’ve seen previously and then all types of craziness break loose!

This is just an immense track that you’ll have to experience for yourself. Crystal Mad is on a roll after tracks like his collaboration with Deetox and his very own Exposed. Feel free to judge his latest productions by yourself by following the link below!

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