That’s right, previously in 2018, deadmau5 brought out an entire album without any drops and he is now unleashing what it missed: the drops. The first single comes out by the hands of Spencer Brown with his remix for fn pig.

Filled with orchestral tracks, combining deadmau5’s beautiful melodies and electronic sounds with the classical ones, where’s the drop? got released last year and now, the mau5trap family is gathering the best remixes of the album and releasing them on a brand new one called ‘here’s the drop!’. Well, for their first release, they went to a near 10 minute mix by the hands of the super talented San Francisco based DJ and producer Spencer Brown.

Spencer has been on an exponential rise to the top, and he can freshen up his sound and style on each track he releases. This one is no exception and the mix between his recognisable sonorities and the classical strings and deadmau5’s melodies, created the best version that fn pig could ever be.

The whole album will be out soon and it will contain remixes for the tracks of ‘where’s the drop?’, bringing out the best drops for each track.

If you haven’t heard the first one from Spencer, you can do it right here and make sure you stay tuned for the mixes to come.

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