Carnage remains unstoppable and brings Timmy Trumpet and Wicked Minds together for a 4-piece collaboration that results in another big theme.

After releasing “Holy Moly” last month, Carnage is still in production and this time brings with him Timmy Trumpet, with whom he has collaborated and his debut with the duo Wicked Minds. A theme that suits the styles of the 4 DJ’s born this way, “Nah Nah“.

It is probably one of the shortest songs created by both however it only takes 12 seconds of music and we quickly realize that the rhythm will accelerate and will be heavy, in the style of Carnage and Wicked Minds, which clearly show that the Italian duo’s hardstyle is present. Timmy Trumpet also contributes to this new song with his well-known melodies.

The collaborations between Carnage and Timmy Trumpet are no longer recent, being the same authors of “Psy or Die” who had a huge reach and clearly “Toca” which was one of the launching pads of Timmy Trumpet. Already speaking of Wicked Minds, they’re a recent pair of Hardstyle / Rawstyle / Rawcore formed in 2016 that is taking its first steps in the world of Hardstyle and has a very unique style with a large margin of progression.

Listen below to the new track of Carnage, Timmy Trumpet and Wicked Minds:

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