After a crazy summer for this duo, Sub Zero Project decided to put their feelings in one track, “All For One“.

This was one of the most anticipated tracks by fans, with some magnificent kicks and a melody that distinguishes Sub Zero Project from other producers.

This young duo has soared up in their career and is one of the most beloved in the Hardstyle scene. Who saw them then and who sees them now! In every Hardstyle festival we see their names.

“All For One” conveys a feeling of thanks to the fans that, thanks to them, they are at the top. Let’s honestly hope they will appear in DJ MAG’s top 100 and will be able to go to countries where they’ve not yet performed! Their evolution has been an example for all young producers, as we have already mentioned in many articles, creating a unique style that defines “who you are” is no simple matter.

We want to congratulate Sub Zero Project for this magnificent release and all their dedication over the years. These two definitely go into Hardstyle history and will be remembered forever when their career ends.

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