Once again, without giving any chance of breathing, Rebelion and Deadly Guns release another track together.

After a huge hit on the first collab “Power of Truth”, these guys decided to give the fans what they wanted, another collab, “Misery“!

With excellent vocals and a melody with the purpose of catching the most sentimental part and breaker kicks, the end result scored from 0 to 10, a 11!

The track was released on Scantraxx Black, click here to learn more about it.

Rebelion this year are living a dream as they were responsible for the Qapital anthem, they’re throwing bangers after bangers (we highly recommend you to listen to “The Edge”, that’s a candidate for the top 10 Q-dance tracks this year for sure!) and are preparing a party in honor of their 5 years of existence at Q-dance Studios in Amsterdam in October 26th. Make a note on the calendar, Rebel!

Listen carefully to their track and read the lyrics: 

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