After a few instastories and even a post about some new Minus Militia tracks on Radical Redemption’s Instagram, fans question when they really are coming back, as they have been missing for some time.

The trio is made by Radical Redemption, Crypsis and Chain Reaction and have a great record in events such as Supremacy (which they have made the anthem for) and Hard Bass (for which they have a track in tribute to the event).

Minus Militia were created in 2014 starting with an extremely good album “The Legion of Strength“, after the release they started to create their “Militia soldiers”. That same year they performed at Supremacy which was marked in history, we recommend going to see just the beginning of their set that year!

In 2016 they went back to rocking with another album “Militant Mayhem” which, once again, gathered all of their soldiers to get their music pumping everywhere. “Witness the power of MILITANT MAYHEM!”.

The theme of the albums is over, but it’s not all over here, their most listened track is “Gas D’r Op” which already has over 2 million listeners on Spotify alone, they don’t play around in service when it comes to creating bangers. “The Holy Grounds“, “Pessimal Evil” and “Overdose” are the tracks we most recommend listening to to become a Militia soldier.

Minus Militia still have a lot of tracks to be released, and with Radical Redemption leaking from what they are doing in the studio just makes us want to hear more and more! Luckily we had the opportunity to hear a lot of trio IDs but no release to date, are they preparing another album? I believe Militia will be back and will do a lot of damage on their return! MINUS MILITIA!

Want to hear some tracks that haven’t come out yet? Some of them have been making the rounds online, such as the one played at Decibel last year, one at Dreamvillage, another at Affection, Soul Ripper, and Smack My Core, linked below. Have fun!

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