Triple Six Records, the label created by the Uptempo Hardcore master, DRS, and responsible for recruiting new talents each and every year that are determined to give a strong contribution in favor of this genre’s growing, made its fans being used to get, every year, at least one bag fulled of heavy material created by DRS and his disciples.

Last year, 2018, Triple Six Records had a filled calendar by releasing Album 4.0, 5.0 and 6.0, but almost nine months since the beginning of 2019, no news were heard about the seventh edition, not until last week, when it was confirmed its release.

DRS Presents Triple Six Records Album 7.0 is officially out and, as usual, it counts with a serious load of violent and fast beats, but you won’t just find distorted kicks and deep voices screaming, you’ll also get melodies and slower moments, although there are only a few of them, keep in mind that this was built to give you the hardest sensation of adrenaline.

The album is composed of seventeen tunes, being some of them fresh new tracks, refixes and also remixes. The men behind them are various, from the ones that are often seen at festivals like MBK, to those who are still at their beginning but with a huge amount of talent waiting for an opportunity like R3T3P.

The best way to understand it is by listening it:

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