Wonder boy Adrenalize was in the studio with up and coming producer Sickddellz and given the epic track they’ve come up with, we can say for sure they’re an astonishing combination! They teamed up to create Shabaka, a Psy-Trance influenced Hardstyle banger, released on Basscon Records.

These two artists spared no time and opened right away to a very punchy ‘Psystyle’ drop with interesting vocal chops giving a tribal vibe to the track. Another very distinctive element is the punchy kick that’s pleasant on the ears and fills the track without overwhelming it. The track ends similarly to how it started. This is certainly one of those tracks that can keep the dancefloor going!

If you’re a usual reader of our website, you certainly know Adrenalize. He’s been consistent with quality releases and we featured his last one early last month. You may, however, not know Sickddellz, a Chilean producer, who started releasing in 2015 and has his music out on other prestigious labels such as Lose Control Music and WE R. One of these releases was also a collaboration with Adrenalize, named Side By Side!

If this doesn’t put these two artists in your watchlist, you may want to revise it… Be sure to give them a follow!

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