Yesterday, September 6th, the flailing duo Shockwave released another banger on Scantraxx Records, “Higher“.

They are in this label because there is a lot of dedication and effort around these two and it is proving how much they want to evolve in their career.

These kids are well known for their unique melodies and softs kicks to intensify the enjoyment of the euphoric Hardstyle.

You guys don’t need drugs, this track will make you high enough, trust me!

Speaking a little more about Shockwave, these two already performed in several places such as XXlerator and Decibel, and also in Portugal at one of the We Love Hardstyle events, click here to know more about it. They’ve also done an amazing Future Connection episode that you can listen to here.

They started to grow when they bootlegged 3LAU‘s How You Love Me ft. Bright Lights, a well known song in the Dance Music scene. To start listening to Shockwave, you must listen to this track! Have fun and tell us what you think!

Since then, they have always been concerned about their career and they definitely haven’t left the studio for many days to produce beautiful tracks and create their unique style, a very difficult task for producers.

Hopefully you enjoy these wonders and follow them on social media!

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