We already know Steve Aoki’s countless collaborations throughout his career but this time comes what’s probably the most unlikely collaboration he’s ever made.

Steve Aoki is undoubtedly one of the most widely spoken names in the world of electronic music, both for his music and for his performances that cheer the audience from start to finish, including throwing his famous cake at the audience. All of this makes and made Steve Aoki what he is today, being able to surprise fans with many collaborations up until today and this time he releases his new single with the unlikely Backstreet Boys.

Let It Be Me” is the name of Steve Aoki’s new theme with the most famous Boys Band in the world. A very commercial theme, something that was expected yet with a good vibe and transmitting good energy to those who listen. Nevertheless, it was a positive result of this collaboration between both of them and it will certainly be quite successful.

With all this we see electronic music increasingly relating to other styles of music making great combinations, which is very positive for the music world. What will we see more out there?

Listen below to the new music of Steve Aoki with Backstreet Boys:

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