After an astonishing performance at Defqon.1 to present her EP series Revival, the queen of Hardstyle releases the missing part of this 3 EP series.

Victory comes with 2 tracks, one with the same name of the EP and My Revival ft Hess.

The overall theme of both tracks is extremely fitting to end this EP series. They’re about overcoming your obstacles and winning in life, which is exactly what Deetox has done after being struck by lightning just before Defqon.1 in 2017.

Victory has very interesting lyrics that talk about of being a true warrior and winning in life against all the setbacks. The melody is very addicting and certainly stayed in her fans’ minds after Defqon.1!

My Revival also has very deep lyrics that definitely relate to the artist’s story in these last few years. The main theme here is persistence and resilience in life. The distinctive elements in this track are the piercing synths that sound very well and really pop out on a good sound system and the punchy kick that gives this track an unyielding energy!

Diana also took time to tell the fans that this will be the last release on her label, Bring The Riot.

Deetox’s story about getting back on track after the serious issues she’s faced is truly inspiring and the way she put a bit of her story in this EP series is astonishing. We can definitely say that she’s at the top of her game now, and doing the best productions she’s ever done! We wish her all the best from now on and we’re sure she’ll continue having massive success in the Hardstyle scene… She’s the Queen, after all!

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