Young Portuguese multigenre producer Louis released his Hardstyle bootleg of Children of Today from Blasterjaxx. After his exceptional performance at Dancefloor in Braga last month, and after being our guest on an Imminent Radioshow, both together with Sly-R, he now releases his most anticipated track for this summer!

Although this is a complete rework of the original track, the artist managed to maintain a good equilibrium of calm and energetic parts, balancing them well throughout the track and connecting them in a way that’s not disruptive of the overall flow.

During the first part of the track there’s an interesting variation on the kicks and bass that seems to have the goal of getting any type of crowd going, with one of the kicks being particularly punchy and pleasant on the ears. We’re then led to a part where the vocals are the main focus, in which they’re accompanied by piano, similarly to the original. Just before the climax and during it we have a catchy melody that has a sound we can already start to pinpoint to the artist himself. The track quickly winds down to the vocals once again and to its outro.

Although this may, at first listen, sound like a simple bootleg, it is still a good release because it’s always interesting to hear how the sound of a young artist develops and what they’ve been learning with each production they put out, and the evolution of the technical production bits is evident, even if you’re not into music production yourself. It is also interesting to see how trying to take a song from one genre to another works out – this often leads to surprising results, which was definitely the case here!

Louis is also one of those trying to push Hardstyle into his home country, so be sure to support him on that and keep an eye on his socials!

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