Roughstate surprises us once more with another signing to their family. The young talent Voidax is taking the next step in his career by joining Rough Recruits!

This young producer is rather unknown. One of his biggest highlights thus far was when ANDY SVGE played his new track, Extinction, at Decibel. Before this, it seems he was just a young producer like many others, doing his best to be a known name. Hard to tell exactly what he’s done thus far, as it appears that many of his content online was deleted, both on Facebook and YouTube, but his name is mentioned on a few places such as the well known Harderstate forum and LSDB. It seems he’s at least shown the world two tracks before, named Submerge and Demons, that you can find on this mix.

Given that there isn’t much with which we can judge this artist so far, we’ll just have to go with the Roughstate’s crew judgement, and they’ve never failed thus far… So this young man will most certainly not disappoint! Keep an eye on him, and be sure to follow his socials!

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