Now here’s something you don’t hear often! The latest release at Theracords Labs is as outside the box as Hardstyle can be. Artists Kruelty and Element went beyond the extremes and unleashed a rather dark track named Crush Killer!

I’ve got guts to pound, I want to kill!

The lyrics at the start say it all and set the tone for the rest of the track. These vocals accompany us through it all and whoever did them sure knows how to imitate a lunatic with his evil laugh! After the introduction we’re presented with a very deep anti climatic kick that further accentuates the dark atmosphere. The kick and bass that follows it when the climax drops is indescribable. It’s aggressive beyond measure and the breakbeat elements during it are another highlight. During the second climax we go even further in aggressiveness, making this one very nasty track!

Although this one is a very simple track in its essence, it makes up for a very interesting concept with the atmosphere it was given. This is a release that someone reminds us of Theracords’ origins as well, where many experimental tracks have been released (either through it or via the now extinct sub label Therabyte). In what concerns me personally, this one definitely reminded me of the vibes I had when listening to early Wavolizer releases!

If these two great talents can make something like this, we’re pretty sure they’ll have a very bright future ahead in the scene if they really put their minds into it. So be sure to stay tuned to them and to this amazing label!

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