Tha Playah, a name that is too often misspelled, has just delivered a bag of 30 dirty treats so you won’t ever forget who this man really is. Sick and Twisted is both the name given to the album that is the first release of the artist’s new label State of Anarchy and consists of 2 CDs, due to its number of tracks, and to its third track, in which you’ll be able to listen to one of the most iconic voices of Hardcore and Hardstyle music, MC Nolz.

If you’re into the world of Hardcore then describing this album is not a complex thing, you will enjoy it, from the intro of the first tune to the outro of the last one. Tha Playah, also known as a reference of what this genre stands for, gave it all to his second large kit of masterpieces, starting by the artist’s thorough selection to do collaborations with him. Angerfist, Ophidian, Radical Redemption, Nosferatu and Neophyte are some of the many huge names you can find assigned with the responsibility of helping to create parts of this masterwork.

For a brief review of what you might expect from this album, we can tell you that you can find the synths, leads and melodies that portray Tha Playah’s style for a long time, but also a wide diversity of kicks, once you will get to listen to some influences from rawstyle, frenchcore, hardtechno and even the recent style known as psycore.

The content of this album was not, by any chance, made with the purpose of leaving you relaxed, the dark vibes from Tha Playah combined with the heavy artillery of many big names that are used to light up people’s most agressive side will take you to places that you have never been before.

Make yourself a favor and listen to this piece of Hardcore at its prime:

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