Gravedgr has earned Carnage’s full support and has been the “handsome boy” of Heavyweight Records and you will understand below why.

It has been one of the artists that has taken the most to shine on the big stages of the world and has undoubtedly done so with great quality, proof of this is that Gravedgr announced a new song on his official Twitter account. Thus arises Donwith the collaboration of Dabow.

It’s about 4 minutes, starting with the famous dark and morbid tune that Gravedgr has already gotten us used to and the classic voice that accompanies his tunes. It should also be noted that the drop is quite good and different from what has been done previously. A very interesting melody and heavy rhythms that make anyone dance, also note the contribution of Dabow in this theme. Undoubtedly a Trap track very well achieved by both.

It is undoubtedly a big year for Gravedgr, who recently also made a B2B with Carnage in yet another edition of Parookaville, demonstrating that it is time to perform on any stage. He’s also been a bet by Carnage, which was clearly won! This is another song released on Heavyweight Records.

Listen below the new single of Gravedgr and Dabow:

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