After being teased on socials for a few weeks, we finally have it: the From The Ashes EP by Ophidian on the well known Heresy imprint.

Ophidian seems back on an amazing track after being somewhat less active. His YouTube production challenge series has captivated the Hardcore audience and this year he had the honor of making an anthem for Harmony of Hardcore and performing at the mainstage where he delivered an amazing set. He also performed at Defqon.1 both at the GOLD and SILVER stages, and at Dominator, further cementing the fact that he’s a rather talented artist over different sounds in Hardcore.

The first track on this EP is The Phoenix, an ode to resilience and persistence. One of the most standout elements of this track are the vocals and the lyrics. The whole atmosphere of the track somewhat revolves around being reborn out of nothing, like a phoenix. Kicks throughout the track experience interesting variations but they’re all very punchy and energetic and go well with the controlled chaos of synths we are used to from Ophidian’s productions. The track smoothly progresses between faster and calmer parts, all well interconnected, and ends with a calm outro worthy of being part of a film score!

The second track is Demimonde. This one is much more dancefloor oriented, focusing more on the heaviness of the beats, while still having a unique atmosphere.

With this EP, Ophidian managed to stay truthful to what’s expected of him, while still making something completely new and fresh. In a world where more and more Hardcore releases focus on quantity and BPM counts over quality, Ophidian insists in doing his own thing and while doing so, contributing positively to the heavier (and darker) side of dance music. Every element of these tracks flows perfectly together, creating an auditory experience that will send shivers through your spine. Bravo, Ophidian! Conrad is indeed one of those artists that can rise like a phoenix into the spotlights just by going all out in his own style.

Head over below to check out From The Ashes and play it loud, wether your neighbors like it or not!

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