Just 4 days old, the new Release Records sub-label already has Pete K as the first artist on this new adventure. Something very good!

It was with great enthusiasm and eagerness to innovate that Third Party released a teaser as a presentation for the new sub label, ReleaseDeep, and consequently left a day later the announcement of the first song to debut in the new adventure of the British duo. Pete K thus had the privilege of being the first name to have something on this same label, thus performing his latest song with Walden’s collaboration, “Gotten“.

Here is a great production, something very well achieved, different from what Pete K has produced, however we must give merit to the Portuguese DJ who presents here a track with a lot of Groove, something suitable for the summer and that makes you want to dance, the song conveys something contagious and that’s pretty good!

All this just shows that Pete K is increasingly aware of being in the world of electronic music and proof of that has been more than given and this is a big bet for ReleaseDeep. This will definitely make this new label (and its first track) a discussion topic!

Listen below the new single of Pete K and Walden:

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