After seeing their tracks getting released on labels such as CONFESSION and SANS MERCI, Hooders decide to go for a self-release with their latest production “Good Enough”.

Marking their 5th release in just 6 months, “Good Enough” wastes no time whatsoever. Holding at its core some beautiful and mesmerizing vocals, that accompany the instrumental, both through its build-up but also through its drop. Gathering strength in its build-up through a rather bouncy and exciting bassline, the track greets you with its beautiful vocals once more, as they grow until reaching a banger of a drop.

Showing no signs of stopping soon, this phenomenal duo from Belgium has been showing their talent through plenty of very successful releases, and this one is no exception. Though it’s a self-release, the tracks potential is otherworldly and will most definitely have you jamming along.

With their outstanding and utterly astonishing basslines, their debut EP The Mob gathered worldwide attention with “Act Up” taking a sudden dark turn when its drop hits and “Cops” making you feel like you’re under hot pursuit and must at all costs escape.

There is only one remark and one thing unfitting on this track which is its name, as “Good Enough” doesn’t reflect at all the greatness that in it resides. So do yourself a favor and go listen to Hooders latest release, and let them know your thoughts towards it!

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