The announcement of Wallbridge’s struggle came through an Instagram post by long time friend Gareth Emery.

The two have been inseparable for a long time: Apart from collaborating very often, Ashley and Gareth co-own Garuda together, a mostly trance label in which they release a vast majority of their tracks and support talents like Cosmic Gate, Omnia and many more. They also founded the parody project CVNT5, to show the awful politics behind the DJMAG Top 100.

Like I mentioned on the first paragraph, the announcement of Ashley’s recent struggle was made public by Gareth, as you can read below. “Gaz” claims Ashley “can’t even move his legs and is waiting on various tests”, and asks his fans to go on his socials, give him a follow and send him some love.

Wallbridge recently released a track called “Diamonds”, on his/Gareth’s Garuda label. This massive trance anthem follows Wallbridge’s usual ideology and signature sound. Composed of incredibly powerful yet delicate melodies and matched perfectly with Clara Yates’ crystal clear vocals, “Diamonds” is a sure fire hit for your playlist, whether you’re a trance fan or not.

Give the track a listen in the link down below and consider visiting Ashley Wallbridge’s socials. As for his meningitis, we here at Wide Future wish Ashley a very speedy recovery and hope he’s back on active very soon!

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