Throughout the day, several websites reported that well known event promoter Q-dance has bought 50% of both the promoter Art of Dance and artist agency Most Wanted DJ, further strengthening its position as one of the leading organizations within the harder styles.

This move may mean that beyond Dominator, which is a joint venture between both event promoters, Q-dance may now be able to have a hand on what goes in Art of Dance’s events, such as Masters of Hardcore, Snakepit, Syndicate, Airforce, among others. It may also mean that we will see more artists under the Most Wanted DJ umbrella at big stages from Q-dance festivals!

Even though these news aren’t related to any artist or track in particular, these did not go unnoticed by fans online given the notoriety of promoters within the Hard Dance scene. Both Wouter Tavecchio from Q-dance and ID&T and Matthijs Hazeleger from Art of Dance praised this move, but the community’s voice is also important, and some valid points have been raised online: one of the concerns raised is less competition within promoters in the scene, and if Art of Dance will always remain as an independent organization. There’s somewhat mixed feelings on if this will be positive for the scene as a whole, or if events in general (and lineups in particular) will be pretty much copy paste from some festivals to the others… For now, only the future will tell how beneficial (or not) will this be for the harder styles!

What do you think? Will the success and uniqueness of Dominator be felt on other events, or will we see many repeated names within Q-dance and Art of Dance lineups?

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