Loved the DDJ-1000 but use Serato instead? Well no need to feel bad anymore, the Pioneer DDJ-1000 SRT is here!

Back in January 2018, we covered the launch of the Pioneer DDJ-1000. The Rekordbox-powered unit was mighty powerful, with full-sized jog wheels and pitch fader, performance pads, a standard club layout and the head-grabbing feature: a LCD-display inside the jog wheels that displays track information, hot cues and many more.

But that unit, although great, was only available for Rekordbox DJ users. Traktor, Serato and other users had to makeshift something for it to work, or wait for something to come out and today, Pioneer has released its oficial answer: the DDJ-1000 SRT.

Both controllers are very similar. Heck, apart from the slightly different color scheme, one has to squint really hard to tell them apart. The new and improved DDJ-1000 SRT features the same club layout, a Magvel crossfader for all you scratch junkies, dedicated FX section and 2 mic inputs. On the decks, we can find the same “normal” sized jog wheels, track selection knob, pitch fader and the all important LCD-screen embued on the jog wheels themselves.

“So…what’s different?”, you ask. Pretty much nothing on the hardware side of things. The only diferences will be on the sofware, as Serato has some key changes compared to Pioneer’s Rekordbox. As for what this controller means to the market, Serato is still Pioneer’s main competitor in America, one of the main markets, and the DDJ-1000 SRT is an opportunity for Serato users to hop into the Pioneer ecosystem and get acquainted with a new lineup, or for older users who like Pioneer’s hardware but hate the bells and whistles that come with Rekordbox DJ. This probably also means that a DDJ-800SRT is on the horizon, but this is but pure speculation.

The Pioneer DDJ-1000 SRT should be available now, for 1299$.

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