Following Juyen Sebulba‘s trip around everything bass house, psytrance and everything trap related, we turn things around house-y and weird with the amazing Mr. Belt & Wezol!

Mr. Belt & Wezol should be a familiar name to all house fans. Or just fans of everything weird. After starting out in 2013, Bart Riem and Sam van Wees were soon picked up by the legendary Spinnin Records with “Shiver”, and since then they haven’t dared to look back. Releases on Armada, Future House Music, Found Frequencies, SPRS, Heldeep Records etc, 50 000 000+ Spotify plays, and shows at every major festival have assured Mr. Belt & Wezol entrance into current house music royalty.

Very active with their fans on social media, Bart and Sam have recently the masterminds behind a couple of viral vídeos. Their “Mr Belt & Wezol Room” gathers thousands of plays every month, plus it’s uploaded on Youtube, so you can watch all their weird dancing antics and costumes. So naturally, when they accepted to do a mix for us, we were obviously very excited.

The mix is one pure hour of groovy, house-y vibes designed to make you shake your moneymaker and let your mind run free. Starting out with Weiss’ remix of Claptone’s “Cruising”, we’re quickly introduced to a trip to everything house with tracks by Fisher, Sander Klenenberg, Vintage Culture, Chris Lake and many many more!

Whether it’s just for when doing house chores or ambient music for your latest Tinder date, crank up the sound to 1000 and let the vibes of Mr. Belt & Wezol carry you!

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