Dutch duo Droeloe made an announcement after rumours of a split up came to be, following misinterpretation of cryptic messages.

You’re seriously lacking if you don’t know Droeloe. The dutch duo, composed of Vincent Rooijers and Hein Hamers, make up for a unique concept in today’s dance music landscape: unlike many artist duos where one takes charge of the producing and the other takes care of the DJing (like Bassjackers or Blasterjaxx for exemple), Droeloe offer a very interesting take in which one member is in charge of the music and the other is encharge of the visuals of the group.

This one of a kind perspective turns Droeloe from yet another run of the mill duo to a concept embodying a multilevel experience in which both members manage to shine in their own fields, whilst taking the Droeloe name to further heights by combining beautiful artwork with a revolutionary and truly unique sound.

So naturally, when they announced it was time to “divide and conquer”, it sent fans into overdrive, raging with panic and doubt. The indeed cryptic message seemed to imply that the duo would be splitting up, and Droeloe would be no more. But yesterday, we finally got our oficial answer.

On their social media, Droeloe released a post stating how they “want to do more”, and how “divide and conquer” may be the boost that takes the Droeloe name to a new level. So, starting 2020, Vincent will tour normally as Droeloe, whilst Hein will carry on doing the duo’s visuals but from home. This, of course, means new challenges for the dutchies, but according to them, “We want to give you the best of what Droeloe can be and this i show we’ll do it”.

This is incredible news, and it certainly made a lot of fans sigh in relief. Being massive fans ourselves, we here at Wide Future are looking forward to see where this goes, and we wish Droeloe nothing but the absolute best!

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