Frenchcore wonder boy Sefa has a new release out that will surely satisfy his fans!

According to the artist, this new track is a “result of the very intense pressure I experience when I perform, which makes me feel super-human sometimes” and that he hopes “this track will help you experience that feeling as well”. Whether you can feel this in the track or not, we can all most certainly agree that Sefa did an amazing job of constructing the song in a way that makes you dive deep in its atmosphere.

The track starts really soft with dreamy vocals and a harp melody. It then develops into a catchy melody likes the ones Sefa got us used to, and drops with the usual punchy kicks with really low bass that characterizes this young man’s style. The end is as soft as the start and with something that makes Sefa’s productions and live performances really distinct – a gorgeous piano melody!

This kind of quality and talent is one of the reasons we’ve chosen this young man as the biggest international breakthrough last year on our Dance Music Awards! Be sure to stay tuned to his music.

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